DAY- 2

21 Aug DAY- 2

For better learning, every participant should follow the instructions given below –

  1. The participant should take up the course with a determined attitude to finish it within the given time period.
  2. The new participants should start practicing the yoga with the help of the Video DVD provided along with the course ware entitled “24 Minutes Yoga For 24 Hours Of Energy” at least one month before taking up the course. This will help in developing some flexibility in the body and toning up of the abdominal muscles required to perform most of the advance asanas.
  3. Once the course begins, it should proceed in an uninterrupted manner.
  4. As far as possible, the participant should follow the prescribed daily schedule. Whatever time is allotted, the participant should give that much or more time but not the less for each task.
  5. During the entire period of course, a yogic life style is advisable for good results. (See Annexure I)
  6. During the entire period of course, yogic diet is also advisable for good results. (See Annexure II)
  7. The course is designed in such a way that both the theory and the practical aspects are given equitable importance and place in the daily schedule. The participant should practice the practical part of yoga along with learning its theory. The participant is suggested to spend at least 4 hours every day.
  8. Before practicing asanas, the participant should do proper “Warming Up” and ended with some relaxation asana preferably ‘Savasana’.
  9. Each day, before going to perform new asana, few previously learned asanas should also be revised.
  10. During asanas, concentration should be on that part of the body which is either stretched or compressed. Asanas should be performed with a sense of awareness.
  11. Before performing any aspect of practical yoga, related procedure and precautions should be learned properly.
  12. Remember, Yoga is not a subject of much discussion; it is a topic of experience. More and more practice is the “ONLY KEY” to have perfection and better understanding.

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